It’s done

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“The Mad God’s Muse” is ready to go. I will do one final pass to make sure I haven’t done anything stupid to break things, like I did yesterday. I did an automatic replace of all double spaces to single, and somehow managed to replace them with zero spaces instead, introducing a lot of unintentional types. And, yeah, this was after I had the book proofread. (facepalm)

Oh, it doesn’t end there. I decided it would be a good idea to update “The Dead God’s Due” as well, in prep for releasing MGM. I discovered this morning that I had released DGD with a ton of missing space typos, and set to work fixing it, with much gnashing of teeth, tearing of hair, and wailing. See, it doesn’t end there, either. (double facepalm)

Did I mention I was running an ad for DGD today? No? Well, I am, and anyone who actually buys a copy today will get a typo-filled mess. It takes many hours for Amazon to actually update the book after I upload the fix, so I am sitting here agonizing, hoping no one will buy any copies until it updates. (triple facepalm)

I guess it is what it is. At least I caught it soon.

Now to get the createspace version in place.

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