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If you don’t know who Esme is, she’s the blogger who set herself the epic task last year of reading 100 of SPFBO3’s entries, and subsequently landed a spot as a judge this year. She’s also contributed greatly to the indie community in terms of setting up TBRindr, a service for matching indie authors and reviewers. So support her. She’s awesome.

MGM made her ‘recommended’ numbers and squeaked out a 4 or 5 stars (3.9 rounded up).

I really love how much Esme hates Kariana. I always knew she would be a polarizing character, so it’s great to see different reactions to her.

This pic is from a photographer friend of mine, Sketch Ditty. It wasn’t intended to be Kariana, but I was so struck by it when I saw it that I often show it to people as my visual for the character.


Grimtoberfest 2018 is here!

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Just in time for Halloween, here are 13 excellent indy grimdark novels on sale. Go get some. For that matter, go get them all. These are honest artisans doing this stuff because they love it, so give them some love and reviews.

Grimtoberfest 2018 is here!