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Why are conservatives upset with the whole Gruber thing? I mean, clearly the people he thought were stupid were the ones he convinced to support Obamacare. Democrats should be mad as hell at him. Conservatives should rightfully be pointing, laughing, and saying, “We told you so,” I would think.


You've been Grubered


The Mad God’s Muse is now in Beta

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All of the chapters are done and I am now cleaning them up and polishing. Well, unless I decide I need to write more chapters. I’ve said this before, but I’ll try to actually make it happen this time: this will be ready by the end of the year.



Welcome to Nihlos

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Join the adventure! Get “The Dead God’s Due” on Amazon now!

The adventure continues with “The Mad God’s Muse”, Book 2 of the Eye of the Lion Saga, available now on Amazon!

The arc finale “The War God’s Will” will be available Q1 2019!


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