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Okay, so I watched “The Beyond”, and it kind of sucked. For a while it was tolerable, but the end was just so bad that it ruined the whole experience.

It’s told in a documentary format, so it’s slow paced, but that’s fine. I am not one of those who needs high action, and this movie has basically none. But I AM one who needs his science in science fiction movies to make some sort of sense, and the science in the end is absolutely dreadful.

So is the storytelling. It seems like about ten minutes of footage is simply missing, leading to the climactic moment of the movie not only not making any sense (a threat appears from nowhere, is not explained, and without any leadup whatsoever, though the characters behave as if they have known about it for some time) but never being explained at all, even in retrospect.

And seriously, what is up with the grammar? “Complexing” instead of “perplexing”? (Several times, this word was used, and it caused me pain each instance.) Is that a euro thing, or did they just utterly fail? “Rised” instead of “rose”? Could that have been a character affectation? Living forever is “IMmortal”, not “mortal”, and no way can that one be explained.

Kind of 1st year film student, without the obligatory overdone trope inversions and inappropriate background music, so there were a few positives.

2 of 5 stars.