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Well, I can’t say I have gotten much writing done of late, but I have been quite busy. I closed on the new house last week, and Jess and I have been busting our asses moving and organizing, as well as finding workarounds for several problems with appliances. The microwave, dishwasher, water heater, and garage door opener are all broken to one degree or another. I filed claims with the home warranty, so hopefully, these will be fixed and/or replaced shortly. There was another minor fright when we discovered the washer and dryer did not fit in the space provided. On one side, there was the water heater stand, fairly overlarge, and on the other, a saggy, kinda makeshift workbench made of particle board. I solved this problem by knocking the hell out of the workbench and removing the pieces. Now we can do laundry.

There are, as I have always said, few problems which cannot be solved by the suitable application of high explosives.

Currently, the 2 car garage is filled with stuff, much of which needs to be put up on craigslist and sold, or perhaps yard-saled. That doesn’t even count the storage facility we have rented, which is also filled.  Both Jess and I have just craploads of stuff from past lives, doubles and triples of everything: kitchen appliances, dishes, furniture. I even have a huge riding lawnmower that is completely unsuitable. Why do I still have it? Why have I carted it around? I guess, in the end, it was just hard to let go of things, easier to let it molder away in darkness in the garage. But the time has come. You haven’t really moved on until you clean up the mess, have you? In a pinch, I am not above taking a lot of it to the dump, though I suppose goodwill would be better, in that I could get some tax advantages.

So, with luck, in a few days I will at least know where my shoes are, even if I am not quite certain how the fucking courtroom scene should play out given the new plotlines.

And all of that just in time to plan a wedding, a two-car cross country trip, get myself a dark jedi costume, write vows, write a script for the wedding, buy plane tickets for various people, help organize gaming for my brother’s convention, and about a hundred other things. I have so many freaking balls in the air that you can’t even see my arms moving.

And I suppose, in truth, that’s how I like it.

I’ll be back at the writing by August. Until then, I’ll just focus on not  having a stroke. That seems a worthwhile goal.