About Me


I am an ordinary guy with a big mouth. I like guns, women, whiskey, and telling people who get in my face to fuck off. Also, I like explosions, creepy wizards, and badassery with big swords. Since there isn’t enough of that in the fantasy genre, what with it being eat up with weepy, unicorn-loving, angsty feebs who kick very little ass and get laid only rarely and then cry afterward, I had to lay pen to paper and do it myself.

You might have come here with certain preconceptions of who I am and what I do based on some writing I did, either fiction or my political commentary, and in either event, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised, or rudely shocked.

There’s not much need to comment on the first category, so let’s stick to the ‘shocked’: you’re either a hysterical leftist, offended at my knuckle dragging conservative political views (though actually, they are more libertarian with a twist of military mindset), or a stodgy conservative who is offended that I am far too free with words like ‘Fuck’ and the suggestion that others should do it to themselves.

So, shocked guys of either color: get over it and enjoy what you like, ignore the rest. We’re all big boys and girls. You are free to think I am an idiot, and I’ll reserve the same right for myself.

If the Meites can manage to get by without killing each other, it should be trivial for us.