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Honesty, Act III

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Man, I am having a really hard time, here. I am right at the end, and I just can’t bring it together. I have been stalled for quite some time, like a month.  I need to sit down and do some serious rethinking about the finale, only I have had many other things on my radar during the holidays.

This is the freakin hard part. I can write the actual chapters anytime once this is done. I do a few pages a day, following this skeleton, and I can easily get a chapter or two a week in my spare time. But I need this skeleton finished.

I know why I stall. It’s because I have gone off track. I have made characters do things they don’t want to do, or not allowed them to do what they must. If I force them, I lose the feel of them, and they stop talking to me, or rather, maybe I am just not listening. Whatever the case, if I can’t feel and hear them, I can’t channel them, and I don’t know what to do. So I don’t do anything.

There is nothing I can do but fix it. I just need to actually do it. Sometime this week, I swear, I will back out the bad shit and make it right. I’d really like to move forward here. It’s just that life keeps me busy.



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I’ve been neglectful of this place for a bit, for lots of different reasons, but it’s time to get started here again. It’s been terribly busy of late, in a good way, with family visiting over the holidays. To make a long story short, too much food was eaten, far too much booze was consumed, and I have probably gained ten pounds. Ouch! Time to get back on the straight and narrow.

Three months now until the baby is born. We have tentatively named him Robert Matthew, though we’re still flexible. I found it amusing that Jess’s Grandma Nellie included a present addressed to him at Christmas, a small outfit that he will presumably wear shortly after he officially exists. I did, however, find it passing strange that one might receive gifts prior to officially existing, but that’s just how my head works: you do not exist, therefore, you do not receive a gift. I suppose, in truth, he is in a strange, proto-state somewhere between existence and non-existence currently.  Certainly, the IRS does not consider him real, this despite the large protuberance from Jess that is definitely not a tumor.

More to come soon.