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I am in the home stretch for the second book in the series. It’s finished, but I want to make sure it’s the best I can possibly do with the time I have. I can’t take a pass through and not find something I hate, some thud I want to change, some passive voice tossed in that could be excised. It will never really be ‘done’, in that I can no longer find fault with it. It will only be ‘done’ in the sense that I must let it go and move on.

Since I actually set up the preorder page on Amazon, I hard a hard time limit, and that’s probably for the best.



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Did well enough yesterday to get featured in ebookdaily. Thanks for helping spread the word, guys!


Closing in on 2000 downloads in the past 24 hours, and made like #89 on Amazon’s Top 100 free, as well as #5 in Free Dark Fantasy, and #11 Free under Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Hopefully, that will translate into some decent exposure for the series!


With “The Mad God’s Muse” coming out in July, I am doing some freebie days for “The Dead God’s Due” to let folks catch up.


Enjoy, and pass it along to your friends!