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Well, I am announcing yet another delay, but this time for the best of reasons. I have signed with Aethon books to publish the whole series. As part of that deal, I have removed the books from amazon and will be going through them with Aethon’s editor to get them ready for re-launching under their imprint. I hope, by this summer, to see them all available under the new banner!

Still working on it. I know I keep pushing it out, but it’s just life and not having enough time. The book was ‘finished’ months ago, but the editing wasn’t done until late December, and my day job has kept me busy enough that I haven’t had much time to actually apply the results of the editing pass. It’s in progress, and I expect to finish sometime this month or next, assuming I don’t get another crunch with my day job. It’s just a fact right now that the day job pays the bills, so it has priority.