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I’m late with this post, but Zion Rising, Book Three of the Collapse Series, is live on Amazon. Even kicking ass and taking names, and more twisted aliens bent on wiping out humanity.

If a place named Zion isn’t the right location for humanity’s last stand, where is? Legendary final battles are not on Captain Bleys’s to-do list, but then, neither was being a hero… Yet here he is, girl and all.

Of course, his girl carries a blaster and has been known to dissolve her enemies with acid.

They have the big guns and the badass attitudes, not to mention an illegal AI-controlled battle cruiser that technically makes them war criminals. This thing should be a cakewalk, but there’s a weasel in the woodpile, a traitor working against them. If Bleys can’t out-weasel The Weasel, he and his friends are in real trouble.

Meanwhile, more alien hybrids, twisted, insidious controllers, spin out their own plans, spiders looking to enmesh their choice prize. And beneath even that lurks an unspeakable doom that could douse the candle of humanity forever.

Don’t miss the epic conclusion to the Collapse Series. It’s perfect for fans of JN Chaney, Andy Peloquin, and the Halo Franchise.


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Book 2 is out! More ass kicking, more smack talk, and more freaky aliens!
Alone in the dark, surrounded by formless monsters…

The good news is that Armageddon has plenty of variety, lots of choices on how to die. Short term, there’s being devoured by terrifying new alien hybrids, silver-skinned, hulking brutes capable of tearing a man limb from limb. Long term, if Captain Josiah Bleys and his pals can’t reopen the jumpgates, there’s a good chance of slow and miserable starvation.

And then there’ the fact that the jumpgates were code locked for good reason: to stop the spread of the Pestilence. No one knows what may come out if they are reopened, but it’s certain to be a Bad Thing.

Yesterday, Bleys and his new pals were shooting at each other. For now, they’re united against common foes, but who knows how long that will last. Given his druthers for partners at the end of the world, Bleys would have preferred a raven-haired hottie and a bottle of scotch, but a gambler plays the cards he’s dealt.

This is the sort of hand that takes finesse, audacity, and more than a little luck. With stakes literally the size of the galaxy, it’s going to be a real white-knuckler.

Sheridan Station

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“War God’s Will” is live!

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The trilogy finale is now available. It’s been a long journey, but I am pleased with this

For now….

Unite or die!


WGW is final

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I am pleased to announce I just sent “War God’s Will” final manuscript to the publisher. It’s finally done. It will take a few months to get through the publishing process, but hopefully it will be available in ebook, print, and audible by late summer.


“War God’s Will” is done

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I sent it for a final proofread today. I am not certain when it will be out, as that’s up to Aethon, but I hope within a few months.


“The War God’s Will” Update

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Still working on it. I know I keep pushing it out, but it’s just life and not having enough time. The book was ‘finished’ months ago, but the editing wasn’t done until late December, and my day job has kept me busy enough that I haven’t had much time to actually apply the results of the editing pass. It’s in progress, and I expect to finish sometime this month or next, assuming I don’t get another crunch with my day job. It’s just a fact right now that the day job pays the bills, so it has priority.


Grimtoberfest 2018 is here!

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Just in time for Halloween, here are 13 excellent indy grimdark novels on sale. Go get some. For that matter, go get them all. These are honest artisans doing this stuff because they love it, so give them some love and reviews.

Grimtoberfest 2018 is here!


“War God’s Will” Status

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Rapidly approaching second draft status on WGW. I am on target for a release this Summer, assuming all goes well.


Still not there

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As I am sure is obvious, I did not make my end of summer deadline, but I did accomplish a great deal, nevertheless. I’d say I am about 75% to a beta, and if I work really hard, I can finish that by end of October. It will take me another month to edit, get feedback, make fixes, edit, and get ready to publish in time for Christmas. I am looking to build a launch team to help with this and offer commentary, so by all means, if you’re interested, contact me.



New Cover Sketches

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As part of the release of book 3, I have had to face something I did not much like: I have been told that my previous covers were not ‘genre appropriate’, and would hurt sales. I like them, but sadly, I have come to accept that the people who know this business are probably right.

Fortunately, as a programmer, I know a lot of artists. Thanks to Darren Bartlett of Liquid Development for introducing me to Egil Thompson, who has just sent me roughs of his proposed new covers.

I will miss the old covers, but I am really stoked to see someone with great skill bringing these characters to life. The symbols for the gods, the Xanthian and Nihlosian styles, Nihlos and Torium in the backgrounds, it’s pretty amazing.