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Lack of Progress

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So, I am still on chapter 22. Yes, I have actually been working on it, but it’s been a real bear. I suppose, considering it’s the climax of the second act, it SHOULD be a bear, but whatever the case, I am annoyed. I want to finish the draft of the novel, and this is in my way. Other chapters come easy, but this one? Well, it’s coming. At 40 pages, it’s not a case of dawdling, just volume and some surgery from my outline, things I wanted to fit together differently when the actual scene was written.

Maybe today.



Halloween has passed, and it was enjoyed by all. For some, it was a completely new experience!

And as for me, I am on chapter 22.

I have let things lie on this for a long time, and much to my detriment. It’s been a rather hellish year, full of fear and trepidation. I’ve accomplished little other than age twice the amount of real time that has passed. Time to dig out again.

I’d love ot finish this thing by the end of the year. That’s a very rigorous schedule, but it can certainly happen if I actually work on it like I would a programming task. It’s considerably more tazing than programming at times, but it can be done.

My chief roadblock is feeling as if I am simply wasting my time, that the novel won’t be good. I suppose, in the end, I would waste the time one way or another. I am in no position to judge the work. That’s what an editor will do once I finish it.

16 chapters in Act II, quite a haul. I on on the 11th, chapter 21 of the novel. It’s getting pretty big, now.