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I’m late with this post, but Zion Rising, Book Three of the Collapse Series, is live on Amazon. Even kicking ass and taking names, and more twisted aliens bent on wiping out humanity.

If a place named Zion isn’t the right location for humanity’s last stand, where is? Legendary final battles are not on Captain Bleys’s to-do list, but then, neither was being a hero… Yet here he is, girl and all.

Of course, his girl carries a blaster and has been known to dissolve her enemies with acid.

They have the big guns and the badass attitudes, not to mention an illegal AI-controlled battle cruiser that technically makes them war criminals. This thing should be a cakewalk, but there’s a weasel in the woodpile, a traitor working against them. If Bleys can’t out-weasel The Weasel, he and his friends are in real trouble.

Meanwhile, more alien hybrids, twisted, insidious controllers, spin out their own plans, spiders looking to enmesh their choice prize. And beneath even that lurks an unspeakable doom that could douse the candle of humanity forever.

Don’t miss the epic conclusion to the Collapse Series. It’s perfect for fans of JN Chaney, Andy Peloquin, and the Halo Franchise.


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