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I was shocked today to see one of the books I had picked as a sure winner did not make the cut. Shows what I know, eh? The whole process is hard to grasp. I have no idea if the book is doing well or is being hopelessly crushed.


I definitely still need all the support I can get. Please, if you have time, go here and support “The Mad God’s Muse” with your vote.

Here’s a small excerpt from chapter one of “The Dead God’s Due.” Let me know what you think!


Kindle Scout End of Week 2

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“The Mad God’s Muse” has been on Scout for nearly 2 weeks now. It’s currently just ‘there’. It looks as if there is a pattern: the new stuff comes up, goes hot with the fresh social media assault, then settles. There’s no way to tell how well you’re doing, beyond being ‘hot’ or not, but that seems to be a function of recent activity, rather than a vote count. Presumably, one could garner every vote on amazon the first day and still fall off of the hot list a week later.

I like this program. It feels hopeful, an alternate route around gatekeepers who have become too rigid in their selection process. It feels like Napster in the 90’s, a new way of discovering media. But if you’re the type to obsess (and many writers are), it can be nerve wracking, too. The very possibility of reloading the page and hoping something has changed is a distinct change from the old ‘stuff it in a manilla envelope and forget about it until it comes back with a form rejection’.

Well, there’s nothing to be done about it anyway, and the third book is already underway. Of course, it needs some reworking. Some people who had a role to play are…no longer with us, and I have to fix that hole in the plot.

Fucking Meites! Damned troublemakers….

The next time you find yourself reading a post that is so mind-numbingly stupid and incomprehensible, I recommend this as a response:


You can get it here. I could really use some reviews, if you have the time.


Sadly, my Kindle Scout excerpt skips the second and more exciting half of chapter one. On the off chance that anyone has come here wanting more, you can find the rest of the chapter here.


Week One on Kindle Scout

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I think the book did pretty well. It held a spot in the hot and trending for most of the week. The competition is pretty tough, though. I could really use all the help I can get. I need to really work the social media angle to get this out there. Please, if you haven’t already, like the Facebook page and share it with your friends. And let your friends know about the Scout contest. I need every vote I can get!


I could really use some reviews on my other stuff on KDP, too. Reviews, even if they are not perfect, really help.

The child can see he is dealing with monsters. He hasn’t lied to himself enough, yet, hasn’t internalized platitudes about omelettes and eggs.

This is pure evil. It is a tragedy of our time how many will turn away and shrug it off.

As the child here shows us, no one is born a slave. It is a learned behavior, a willing subjugation. It most definitely CAN happen here. It’s happening all around you right now.

Turn your head. American Idol is on soon.



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I submitted Mad God’s Muse to the Kindle Scout program today. I am hoping this will get me the much needed exposure. I am good at a lot of things, but selling has never been one of them.