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Well, I did it. Last night, I sold the Z06, traded it for a more sensible vehicle, a red Magnum. There were lots of reasons. I couldn’t really justify spending the money on it anymore. I needed a back seat. I really don’t need a fast car to get myself killed in. All in all, it just made sense.

The Magnum is nice, for what it is. It’s roomy, and has nice pep. It’s not Corvette, but it works for now. I will miss the Z06. I had so much fun with it, and it has many a memory attached to it. But it was time to be more serious, at least for a while, time to be responsible and make certain my resources are not wasted on frivolous things, or that my life is not cut short by my own impulsive nature.

I got used to saying goodbye to things I loved long ago. These days, I know that everything passes out of your life at some point. You have to love while you can, and not hold back for fear of the inevitable. As long as you can tell yourself you did the best you could, it is the experience and memory that is the true value of any love.

That is the part of love that can never be torn from you. It is only when you foolishly throw those things aside that anything is ever really lost.

One’s soul is as emptied or filled by the bridges he burns or builds.

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