Okay, life is once again under control. It’s not perfect, but it’s livable. All of the appliances are now in working order, and we are settled enough to feel like we actually have a home now. There is still chaos in the garage, but I am slowly getting a handle on that as well, and I am making steady progress. I managed to nearly sever a finger this weekend in that pursuit, but that’s the price of progress, eh?

All of this means there is no longer any excuse for not writing (Save for my sore finger! Hopefully, it will be less painful in a few days, because it’s quite an impediment to typing at the moment!) Chapter 8 is the climax of Act I, and took quite a bit of rethinking to make work with the new plotlines. I managed to get the synopsis of this act hammered out while we were on vacation, so actually writing the draft chapter will be considerably less difficult. My goal is to finish chapter 8 this week.

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