7 is done

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Well, chapter 7 is banked. Got the revision done for the new lines, and added an extra scene that was pretty charged. I am pleased with the results. Now I just need to rework chapter 8 and Act I is done.

Finishing chapter 7 was fairly draining. I wrote a brutal murder scene which left me feeling simultaneously pleased with the drama, and yet sad for the character who died. Part of getting it right is to feel the scene enough to get across just how horrible it is. I think I can wring a bit more out of it, emotionally, when I do a final pass on the whole manuscript, but for now, it’s just fine.

I did have a look at chapter 8, but it is very complex, and it needs a lot of changes and, in places, wholesale rewriting to fit properly now. It’s not as much work as starting from scratch, but it’s still quite a task. After finishing chapter 7, I just didn’t feel much like doing the heavy lifting, so I will save it for tomorrow.

The good thing is that this is a holiday weekend, so I have extra time. I think it’s a good goal to try to finish before Tuesday. It’s doable, if I just buckle down and get it done. On the other hand, I hate to spend all of my holiday slaving away. (shrug) We’ll see how I feel.

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