Still not done with 6

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In the pursuit of being honest with myself, I need to note I have failed at reaching my goal of completing the new chapter I wanted to insert. Admittedly, I have quite a bit going on, so I won’t beat myself up about it, but it’s only about 2/3’s done. I expect to finish it tonight, and get chapter 7 revised with the new storyline in a day or so. Chapter 8 needs a fair amount of rework, at least a day or two. However, chapter 8 marks the end of Act I, which is my goal for the week, so I might be able to catch up. It’s doubtful, though, considering I will probably be moving into the new house this weekend. I’ll try to reassess my goals once I know where I’ll be living for the next week.

At any rate, once I get done with revising chapter 8, I will essentially have 1/3 of the novel in draft form, with about ten more chapters that need to be written, and another ten already written but needing to get reworked with the new plot lines. With due diligence, this could all be in 1st draft format by the end of summer, provided I stay focused.

I find that having a dedicated fan does wonders for one’s motivation.

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