Oh, dear, I may be too fat

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Well, I have decided to indeed add in a chapter to bridge the gap between the old story lines and the new. I have roughed out the remainder, and am changing my plan for the week. I’ll finish chapter 6, and then next week rework the old versions of chapter 7 and 8.

The current outline is about thirty pages long, and I have something like 42 chapters specced out, about twenty of which are written. I would say that there are five key momentous events, and three of these are already written. In addition, save for some few remaining details, the remaining chapters, while unwritten, are scripted out. All in all, I am much more than halfway done. I am more like 2/3’sof the way there.

My biggest concern at this point is that this thing is huge, something like 250k words. This is very likely to make the novel difficult to sell as an unknown. I’m not sure if I can do much about the size, though. I don’t put in much frivolous stuff. Still, it may be that I am going to have to cut a lot of stuff to get this down to size. It’s something I need to think about as I take my final pass at reweaving the new plot lines into the old ending.

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