The Situation Thus Far….

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Ive just been picking at Scion for quite some time, dragging my feet resolving a lot of difficulties created by the new plot lines. That being said, I still have half a novel or more written, and am approaching a fairly coherent first ten chapters. After that, things are shaky. Chapters need to be reworked to account for new characterizations and events, foreshadowing needs to be altered, etc, and then a lot of chapters aren’t even begun. There is still a lot of work to do, but it’s certainly a manageable task. I just need to stay motivated.

So, rough plan for this week: I will finish adding in new material to chapter 6, and I will rework both chapter 6 and 7 with the new plot lines. This is a fair amount of work, but it’s doable if I spend an hour or two in the evenings every day. Once I finish these, I will essentially have a coherent “Act I” in place. It’s a good stopping point, and I think I will make these available to some folks to read for critiques.

I am still uncertain how I plan to do this, but I think I will end up putting them on the site with some kind of password. It’s not a security thing. Hell, I have no problem if the whole world reads my stuff. In fact, I’d prefer it. All artists are, to some degree, exhibitionists. No, it’s that the publishing industry still hasn’t sorted out what ‘published’ means, so I run the risk of getting my work into the ‘previously published’ category if I make it freely available to anyone.

When I am ruler of the world, we’ll sort that out. In the meantime, we must find ways to circumvent small minded fools and their foolish technicalities. We are, after all, smarter than them, right?

If you are interested in getting involved, by all means, let me know. I could really use a lot of different eyes on this stuff.

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