The Eye of the Lion Saga


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The deeds of the mighty and the bold shape not only their own world, but the future as well, sometimes for generations.

A thousand years in the past, blood flowed not in mere rivers, but in tsunamis. Men laid hands on that which they should never have possessed, the power of a god, and promptly turned it to dark ends: war, terrible and destructive in the way only divine might could achieve.

The world teetered on the brink, the end nigh. Only the courage of great heroes held back doom, men of strength and vision capable of setting aside their enmity before they killed the whole of the humanity.

But one god was not sated, and swore revenge far in the future, when the heroes would be naught but dust, unable to stop him. “The world will become as ash,” he promised.


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The heroes buried their dead and began to rebuild, the terrible knowledge in their minds that their children would face the Dead God again. They left records of their struggle, and warned of the danger, but men forget easily when life is good and peace is easy.

Today, few of their descendants even know of the Dead God’s prophesy. Of those, fewer still agree on the source. They only remember ancient enemies. They have forgotten that by the end, they were allies.

Elgar, the Dead God, may well have his due.

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Grimtoberfest 2018 is here!

"War God's Will" is now in editing

Sent the manuscript to the editor Monday night.


"War God's Will" Status

Rapidly approaching second draft status on WGW. I am on target for a release this Summer, assuming all goes well.

Still not there

As I am sure is obvious, I did not make my end of summer deadline, but I did accomplish a great deal, nevertheless. I'd say I am about 75% to a beta, and if I work really hard, I can finish that by end of October. It will take me another month to edit, get feedback, make fixes, edit, and get ready to publish in time for Christmas. I am looking to build a launch team to help with this and offer commentary, so by all means, if you're interested, contact me.


New Cover Sketches

As part of the release of book 3, I have had to face something I did not much like: I have been told that my previous covers were not 'genre appropriate', and would hurt sales. I like them, but sadly, I have come to accept that the people who know this business are probably right.

Fortunately, as a programmer, I know a lot of artists. Thanks to Darren Bartlett of Liquid Development for introducing me to Egil Thompson, who has just sent me roughs of his proposed new covers.

I will miss the old covers, but I am really stoked to see someone with great skill bringing these characters to life. The symbols for the gods, the Xanthian and Nihlosian styles, Nihlos and Torium in the backgrounds, it's pretty amazing.