The Dead God’s Due: The Eye of the Lion Saga Book 1



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The end of the world is nigh, and the people sleep in blissful ignorance. They do not believe. They do not even remember.

Prelate Yazid Valerion, warrior, holy man, and historian, is alone with the truth: eons past, the Dead God promised a world of ash, and the time of that prophecy is at hand. Yazid’s people, strong, brave warriors, could surely rise up and thwart the Dead God’s plan, but his warnings fall on deaf ears. They are far more concerned about the wars of today and tomorrow than the wars of the past.

Yazid’s only hope is to cross the sea in search of ancient enemies, the Meites, and pray Ilaweh gives him the words to sway them to his cause. But the Meites are no mere mortals: they are powerful, arrogant, mercurial sorcerers, prone to wild mood swings and emotional outbursts of destructive behavior. If he can find them, there is no guarantee they will not make war on him and his men.

Perhaps there is no chance to change the prophesy of a god. If not, then he will die well, along with the rest of the world.

Ilaweh knows it is better to die fighting than trembling in fear of the final blow.

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