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The Dead God's Due

A band of elite warriors, spurred by the prophesy of a long dead god, cross the ocean in search of ancient enemies. There, they discover a city of wonders, a decadent people, and the true meaning of treachery.




Coming Summer 2016! The clash of cultures continues as consequences unfold and debts get paid in Nihlos. The Xanthians, for their part, would return home and fulfill their duty to their prince, but Ilaweh may have a very different plan.





A bloody-handed bounty hunter, torn by a late blooming conscience, resolves to take down a supernatural serial killer who preys on the poor and downtrodden. But how do you kill a man who can see your every move in the entrails of his victims?




Julius Falco, gladiator and rogue, has a problem. Someone wants him dead, and over a ring he’s never even heard of. Of course, Julius and his pals aren’t going to take this lying down. That’s a given. But if someone is willing to kill over this ring, it must be worth a lot.

It might even be what you’d call ‘priceless’.




A psychiatrist struggles to help a traumatized veteran cope with his past, but this problem could be beyond medical science.





Demons are vicious creatures, and it takes a hard man to wrangle them, the sort of man who has grown comfortable with his own sins. It’s a narrow path to walk, though, one foot in Heaven and one foot in Hell. You never know when you might cross the line, or if there is any going back.