The child can see he is dealing with monsters. He hasn’t lied to himself enough, yet, hasn’t internalized platitudes about omelettes and eggs.

This is pure evil. It is a tragedy of our time how many will turn away and shrug it off.

As the child here shows us, no one is born a slave. It is a learned behavior, a willing subjugation. It most definitely CAN happen here. It’s happening all around you right now.

Turn your head. American Idol is on soon.



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I submitted Mad God’s Muse to the Kindle Scout program today. I am hoping this will get me the much needed exposure. I am good at a lot of things, but selling has never been one of them.




It’s very close, now. I could release it now, but I still feel I can make it just a little better. In my experience, though, you never reach a point where you think, “Fine, it’s perfect.” You just reach a point where you think, “I’ve done all I can, and I can’t see this for what it is anymore, so I have to let it go.”

That’s about where I am, now. Still hoping to hear from some of my beta readers before I call it done, but barring some catastrophic reports that point out huge errors I have missed, I am not seeing much more to be done.

Waiting on the cover from Max. If you DO have any comments, send them soon. It’s time to put this out there.




Almost there

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“The Mad God’s Muse” is at 95%, by which I mean I have actually managed to read all of the way through and not find much more to fix than a few spelling errors, descriptions, and clunky dialog. No walking dead (i.e. characters who were previously dead but are now on stage doing something) beyond those who are in fact shambling corpses. No completely maniacal actions from non-Meite characters. Nothing I think to myself, “Oh, bullshit, no way it would happen like that.” Of course, some may disagree, but the cool part of being the author is that I get to make that final call.

Looking for some cover art right now. Thinking I’ll put this thing out in the world in a couple of weeks. Then on to the next.


Why are conservatives upset with the whole Gruber thing? I mean, clearly the people he thought were stupid were the ones he convinced to support Obamacare. Democrats should be mad as hell at him. Conservatives should rightfully be pointing, laughing, and saying, “We told you so,” I would think.


You've been Grubered

All of the chapters are done and I am now cleaning them up and polishing. Well, unless I decide I need to write more chapters. I’ve said this before, but I’ll try to actually make it happen this time: this will be ready by the end of the year.


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Turns out I have not been able to finish the second novel yet. There’s a reason, mind you, and it’s that I had to move to start a new job. Yes, regrettably, my writing has yet to make me fantastically wealthy. The fact is that video games pay a lot better, and pretty much finance any writing I am able to do. I’ll be on a much reduced schedule, so it may be March before I am done. It’s coming though.



Things are moving along

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I’d guess I am about 25% done with final editing on ‘The Will of Ilaweh’, and making decent progress. My goal is to get it up before Christmas, and that’s doable if I stay focused.

I’ve just begun final editing on “The Will of Ilaweh”. I hope that will last only a few weeks, which means it should be ready by Christmas.