Well, I did it. Last night, I sold the Z06, traded it for a more sensible vehicle, a red Magnum. There were lots of reasons. I couldn’t really justify spending the money on it anymore. I needed a back seat. I really don’t need a fast car to get myself killed in. All in all, it just made sense.

The Magnum is nice, for what it is. It’s roomy, and has nice pep. It’s not Corvette, but it works for now. I will miss the Z06. I had so much fun with it, and it has many a memory attached to it. But it was time to be more serious, at least for a while, time to be responsible and make certain my resources are not wasted on frivolous things, or that my life is not cut short by my own impulsive nature.

I got used to saying goodbye to things I loved long ago. These days, I know that everything passes out of your life at some point. You have to love while you can, and not hold back for fear of the inevitable. As long as you can tell yourself you did the best you could, it is the experience and memory that is the true value of any love.

That is the part of love that can never be torn from you. It is only when you foolishly throw those things aside that anything is ever really lost.

One’s soul is as emptied or filled by the bridges he burns or builds.


Act I is finished

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Well, it’s done. It’s still raw and needs polishing, but it’s complete. It’s shaping up to be a damned good tale, if I do say so myself. And on that note, I could use some alpha readers. If you’re interested, drop me a line.


Chapter Nine Almost Done

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Well, it has taken some time, but I am damned near a draft level for Act I. One last scene needs to be written from scratch, but it’s quite an important scene. I think I can do it in an evening. I hope to do it THIS evening, but we’ll see.

From there, I will take the rest of the week doing a final combing pass on the chapters. By this weekend, I will make it available in some form or another to those with an interest.


Chapter 8 Done

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Well, sort of. I did in fact decide to split it in two, so I am still not done with the first act, but I am incrementally closer. I expect to have it done this week, and then I’ll come up with a way where people can have a look at it if they so desire.


Chapter 8 Continues

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Wow, this one is turning into an epic. It’s huge, and really should be two chapters. Yes, that means chapter 8 will be done faster, but then there will still be chapter 9 to do before act I is done. (sigh) Well, there is much work to do, and it is rewarding, even if it is also time consuming.


Chapter 8 Continues

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Well, I got about 17 pages done this week, which isn’t very much, really, but it’s some progress. I am one half to one third done with it.  I will really need to apply myself to finish it this week, but it is doable. Just depends on how many other things get in the way.

Okay, life is once again under control. It’s not perfect, but it’s livable. All of the appliances are now in working order, and we are settled enough to feel like we actually have a home now. There is still chaos in the garage, but I am slowly getting a handle on that as well, and I am making steady progress. I managed to nearly sever a finger this weekend in that pursuit, but that’s the price of progress, eh?

All of this means there is no longer any excuse for not writing (Save for my sore finger! Hopefully, it will be less painful in a few days, because it’s quite an impediment to typing at the moment!) Chapter 8 is the climax of Act I, and took quite a bit of rethinking to make work with the new plotlines. I managed to get the synopsis of this act hammered out while we were on vacation, so actually writing the draft chapter will be considerably less difficult. My goal is to finish chapter 8 this week.

As I said, we made the news with our ceremony, and here is the piece. Thanks go out to all involved, with special thanks to Joe Martinez, who nearly died of a heat stroke in the Vader costume; my brother Dan, for helping pull it all together; Eric Decker, who threw out his back taking pics (which I hope to see soon!); Leonard Zahare and my nephew Devan Harrison for their spirited Jedi interloper roles; and reporter Sam Griswold at CBS 42 who filmed this and send us the edited piece.

And to Jess, of course, for being there.

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July 19th, 2008 at 9:31 pm

Well, I have returned from my vacation/wedding/honeymoon/scifi convention, and I am doing my best to pick up all of the threads I left on the ground before I left. The house still needs much work to be settled, and I feel it all the more because I’ve been living out of a suitcase for weeks. We still have boxes of ‘stuff’ everywhere. It’s hard to find the simplest of things because so much still needs to be unpacked and put in its place. It’s basically on top of my agenda to get things sorted out by the weekend so I can actually relax a bit. It’s just too hard when I am surrounded by work I know must be done.

At least I can now check off ‘buy house’ and ‘get married’ from my to-do list. However, it has come to my attention of late that a new item, ‘have kid’, has been scheduled for about nine months in the future. It would seem our ceremony aligned well with the vibrations of The Force.

So, this penny dreadful novel I call life will have a new character, hopefully a great hero, or at least a great villain, and not some drab, mediocre, unnamed stable hand or bar maid who never ventures more than a few miles from home. Names are important and symbolic, so let this new character be well named. For that, we must think long and long.

Fortunately, we have some months, due to simple mechanics.

Hmm. I think this could be a telling moment. Vader must be working some sorcery here with his gestures. (I had no idea he would be a Coke fan.)

Vader working some kind of sorcery.

I’m on vacation, so I am disinclined to write overmuch, but this needs to be posted. Looks like we made the news.

Apparently, there is also video that was broadcast on the news, but it’s not up on the site yet. If I can lay hands on it, I’ll be sure to link it.