Lucian Lenoir


“The dirty little secret of the real world is that more good is done for practical reasons, by men like me, than by idealistic fools afraid to get their hands dirty.”

Bounty hunter, assassin, and mobster: not your typical ‘hero’ professions, but then, Lucian is not a ‘hero’ so much as simply ‘a necessary evil’. He is a thoroughly ruthless man whose one saving grace is a sense of honor, that there are rules to the game of power.You can kill the king, or the powerful merchant, even the guardsman. They knew what was at stake. But the bum and the hooker on the corner, the farming barely scratching a living from the ground, the starving orphan, they’re all off limits.

“In a dog eat dog world, there are too many mad dogs. I keep them down. About six feet underfoot, typically.”